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Hey I'm new, it's such a shame this place is so dead, it's a really good idea for a community. Everyone really should start to try pomoting it...but yeah, I found it cause I was looking for somewhere to find someone going to the Thrice gig on August 28th and the Islington Academy, London. Is anyone?? I'm so desperate it's just not funny anymore. I really wanna GO!
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i was planning to go but its the same date as reading :(
hey i see that you like Matchbook Romance, one of my favorite bands

if you like those guys, you should check out our band, KILL YOUR EX

you can hear some songs at http://www.purevolume.com/killyourex

that'd be really cool if you checked us out, thanks!

feel free to add us if you like us
dont be stupid i hate matchbook romance. go away.
hahahhah harsh
mmm sorry. i love your name. mayhap i will check your band out.